Platform to create innovative industrial and professional IoT applications

Welcome into AOS World.

What is AOS ?

- Automation Operating System - it is innovative software platform made by ANT,
dedicated for development and operation of industrial automation and professional IoT applications.

AOS is mostly used in:

  • industrial and distributed automation and control systems, 
  • data and measurements collection, 
  • telemetry solutions, automatic meter readings 
  • Internet of Thinks (IoT) professional applications.

What are the AOS Devices ?

AOS Devices are all kind of devices with Windows, Linux or Android with AOS Gateway on-board, like:

PCs, BOX PC, Industrial PCs, Embedded Computers, Processor Modules, HMIs, Barcode Terminals, Tablets
and more…

Supported OS: Windows Ce, Mobile, Compact, Embedded, Phone, 7, 10, Linux and Android

What is the AOS system architecture ?

Developer installs AOS Server on local machine or creates account in AOS Cloud Service. 
Setup AOS Gateway to specified Server by IP or domain name.
Gateways connect to server and system is ready for developer to create custom solution.

What are the key benefits for device manufacturers ?

With AOS your devices become ready for thousands of innovative industrial and professional IoT applications.

new developers * new applications = more devices sold.

Install AOS Gateway on devices and let your customers experience freedom in systems development.
AOS Gateway license is free !

What are the key benefits for system developers and integrators ?

Thanks to AOS you can launch processes on distributed devices just like they would be executed on local machine.

Remote control and remote programming of IoT devices are the key advantages that make AOS unique and the best to IoT.

When the devices are connected to AOS Server you can remotely:

  • Configure and launch local processes that executes AOS modules,
  • Use ready AOS modules or develop own AOS module in TCL language,
  • Update system configuration,
  • Monitor resources: CPU, RAM, Uptime,
  • Oversee the performance,
  • Debug modules, 
  • Reboot devices,
  • Upgrade AOS.

What kind of systems can be developed by using ready AOS modules ?
Industrial Automation Standards

AOS supports the most popular industrial automation standards, like:

  • PLC and devices communication: Modbus, M-BUS, Siemens, Allen-Bradely, SNMP
  • OPC data exchange: OPC Client and OPC Server
  • SQL: ODBC, Historian, direct sql queries from TCL scripts
  • Data buffering,
  • Watchdog,
  • Redundancy
IT Integration Standards

AOS supports efficient data exchange with other applications and software systems, like:

  • ERP - SAP RFC Connector,
  • Web Services,
  • Excel files .xls
  • Custom interfaces
Web applications development

AOS with AOS Vision Component becomes a full featured web server:

  • GWT/Smart GWT Support
  • Interactive webpage designer
  • Dashboards creator
  • Reporting and data browsing modules

Programming in AOS.

User modules can be developed in TCL language. Having basic experience in programming is enought to start coding own scripts. Detailed help and API description with sample codes are very helpful.

AOS is based on Tcl (Tool Command Language).
This is a "very powerful but easy to learn dynamic programming language, suitable for a very wide range of uses, including web and desktop applications, networking, administration, testing and many more".

Learn more about TCL on

Examples of AOS Vision web applications:

Examples of AOS Devices:

Commercial conditions.

AOS Gateway license is free !

AOS Server is offered as stand-alone software that can be installed by system integrator on local server
or as a cloud service. AOS Server license cost depends on quantity of AOS Devices (AOS Gateways) connected.

Ask for AOS Server price list:

About ANT.

AOS is designed and developed by ANT Industrial Software Systems Ltd.
ANT is a company that provides dedicated IT solutions for industry and industrial automation.

10 years on market, 50+ programmers and automation engineers
350 applications in different branches of industry. 

Contact us.

ANT headquater is located in Kraków, Poland. ANT homepage:

Sales and support contact:

Phone: +48 12 296 50 40

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